Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry - Mesa & Gilbert AZ

Elite Smiles offers the holistic dentistry Mesa and Gilbert residents can rely on.

Research has shown many chronic and debilitating health issues have been linked back to infections in the mouth.  At Elite Smiles, we use state-of-the-art dental technology combined with holistic natural health-based therapies to provide the most minimally invasive, biocompatible treatments.

This allows us to find the true cause of your health issues, and to focus on resolving those issues to help you achieve the optimal health you deserve.

Comprehensive Dental Health and Wellness Exam

Our new patient exam is designed to allow you to share your health story and find the root causes of your dental and health challenges.  To help find those answers, we use 3D imaging, detailed oral evaluations, and health-based screenings during our 90-minute comprehensive examination.  We clearly discuss our findings, offer recommendations to treatments, and answer all your questions.  Our highly skilled team will then help you decide the best solutions for you.

Whole Health Analysis

We know your body is all connected from the top of you head, to the bottom of your smallest toe.  Through our specific dental and wellness measures, as well as a thorough evaluation of your past medical experiences, we are able to gain tremendous insight into your current health state and how we can help provide the answers you have been looking for.

Prevention and Education

Although we are very good at fixing dental and health problems, wouldn’t it be better if we were able to prevent those problems in the first place?  Our highly trained team is able to provide you with the tools and guidance to help you achieve a healthy balanced life.

Mercury Free and Mercury SAFE

At Elite Smiles we are proud we do not ever place or use any type of “silver filling” material (50% mercury).  During mercury amalgam removal processes we follow research based special safety protocols to protect both you and our team from unnecessary and damaging mercury exposure.  Ask us about our Mercury SAFE removal technique following IAOMT guidelines.

Dental Cone Beam CT Scan

The more information we have, the more we are able to create the most health-inducing treatment recommendations.  Our technologically advanced 3D Scanner allows us to visualize your oral health, as well as airway system and TMJ, in ways that traditional x-rays cannot. 

Periodontal and Gum Health

A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth, and a healthy mouth consists of a balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria.  Our customized hygiene process allows us to help you reach optimal balance to not only have great oral health, but to eliminate factors in several degenerative diseases.  Gum health is a key ingredient to overall health.

Ozone Therapy and Treatments

Ozone is used as an effective and safe way to destroy harmful microbes that can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and other infections.  It is also effective in treating tooth sensitivity, and other inflammatory processes.

Working with other Health Practitioners

 Reaching ultimate health can sometimes be a multi-faceted task.  We are happy to work with your doctor or other practitioners to help resolve your health issues. 

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What is Holistic Dentistry?

san antonio dental schoolAlso called “biological dentistry” or simply “natural dentistry”, holistic dentistry is a philosophy and dental practice that focuses on the overall health of the patient, not just local problems in the mouth.

How? By treating and preventing dental problems by looking at them as symptoms of systemic disease—how they affect, and are affected by, all areas of the body. This is a holistic approach to dental issues that take the whole health of the body into account.

A holistic dentist’s goal is to provide comprehensive dental treatment to give you the healthiest dental service possible without causing side effects elsewhere in your body.

The Body is Interconnected

Medical research has linked oral diseases such as gum disease (periodontitis) with heart disease and stroke.

The most common bacteria found to cause dental decay and periodontal disease— Strepptococus mutans—has been found in higher than average amounts in the arterial plaque of heart attack victims.

As the teeth decay and the gums become inflamed and bleed more easily, this bacteria has a direct route from the mouth to the bloodstream, and hence to the arteries of the heart and brain vessels.

The bacteria can pass through the blood vessels to lodge in the heart, where it destroys the walls of arteries, degrading their elasticity. This leads to restricted blood flow and less oxygen-rich blood reaching the body tissues.

But holistic dentistry focuses on more than these complex dental health cases. It also focuses on biocompatible dental services by avoiding dental products that are not compatible with the human body—products that can lead to chronic physical and mental health issues.

Mercury-Free Fillings & Safe Mercury Removal

dental marketing for local dentist“Silver” fillings have been a popular choice for filling cavities for a long time now. We’ve put silver in quotation marks because there is actually very little silver found in these fillings. Rather, these fillings are composed mainly of mercury, a toxic heavy metal that can be dangerous to humans even in small amounts.

The Center For Disease Control recommends that all people should avoid contact with mercury, and yet we regularly place it in our mouths!

Instead, Elite Smiles uses biocompatible dental materials whenever possible, including for filling cavities.

If you have silver fillings, then every time you eat, brush, clench your teeth, or chew gum, you are releasing small amounts of mercury vapor into your mouth and thus into your bloodstream.

Symptoms of mercury poisoning at this small but persistent level include:

  • Lethargy
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Irritability

We avoid mercury fillings, along with other harmful dental products like metal implants, in favor of non toxic restorative materials that are not only biocompatible, but also structurally and aesthetically superior to these outdated dental products.

Benefits of Choosing a Holistic Dentist

international academy of dental issuesWhen you visit a holistic dentist in Mesa AZ, before your first dental exam, the first thing they will do is sit down with you in the dental office and ask what your goals are in seeking dental care. They want to help you achieve these goals, whether it’s having beautiful teeth or feeling healthier overall. Your personal health and well-being come before anything else, including profits and time constraints.

Natural remedies and alternative treatments can be used for many common dental problems—from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry—like:

  • Redness and Sensitivity of the Gums
  • Cavities
  • Dry Mouth (often caused by medications such as antihistamines)
  • Mouth Ulcers (caused by stress or nutritional deficiencies)

Our holistic dental clinic offers treatments that are gentle, non-invasive and highly effective. Our clinic includes an excellent staff who works with patients who have a wide range of dental needs. People looking for holistic dental care can improve their oral health while simultaneously improving the condition of other parts of their bodies.