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endodontics - cracked teethWhen people think of “root canal”, they typically cringe, regarding the procedure as one of the worst forms of dental treatment one would have to suffer through.

This is an outdated notion.

Thanks to modern dental technology and the latest techniques, root canal therapy has transformed into something that is no longer as painful, frightening, or difficult.

Root canal therapy has come a long way, and one of the best places to get quality root canals in Mesa AZ is Elite Smiles.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

Understanding this means understanding the stages of tooth decay and what stage you are currently in.

The teeth are composed of a series of layers, including:

Enamel – the protective outer layer made of hard minerals
Dentin – the more vulnerable second layer made of boney material
Dental Pulp – the soft inner core of the tooth containing the tooth nerves

endodontics - temporary fillingAs tooth decay progresses, plaque eats away at the enamel. Fortunately, with improved dental hygiene and diet, this process can be stopped and reversed, but if plaque reaches the dentin, it begins eating away at that as well.

When a hole is worn away in the dentin, you officially have a cavity and there is no natural way to reverse this process—you will instead need a dental filling or a dental crown. (Fortunately, we provide the fillings and dental crowns Mesa AZ residents need.) It is at this stage of tooth decay that you will begin to experience tooth pain, but that does not mean you need a root canal—at least not yet.

If left untreated, the plaque in your cavity will eventually eat its way into the tooth pulp, and this is where things really start to hurt. The pulp of the tooth is not completely sensory, but it does contain blood vessels and nerve endings for pain receptors, so this is where you feel the real discomfort.

This tooth infection occurs as the pulp becomes infected and inflamed, which can eventually lead to a pocket of infection (dental abscess), the death of the tooth nerve and, as a result, the death of the tooth.

Tooth loss is common at this stage.

The Solution


Your dentist will treat your dental abscess by numbing the affected tooth with anesthetics and removing the inflamed pulp tissue. This tooth will then need a root canal procedure (also known as “endodontic therapy”) to remove the dead tissue and to clean out any remaining infection left over in the tooth’s canals.

The procedure is completed with a dental crown placed on the tooth to restore it to its natural appearance and function.

Modern root canal therapy is actually a simple treatment that typically requires local anesthesia and, in some cases, conscious sedation, and takes about one to two hours—making it a same day procedure.

Why Choose Elite Smiles for Root Canal Treatment

endodonticsIt’s no secret that root canals can be unpleasant, but advancements in dental technology by endodontic specialists that we utilize at Elite Smiles have made this treatment considerably more tolerable than it used to be.

If you need a root canal, you can rely on Elite Smiles and the friendly staff at our dental office. Our highly-trained and experienced dentist–Dr. Blake Shreeve, DMD–has an excellent track record with these procedures.

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